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Where The Pen Is My Voice

About This Blog


This blog is a medium for me using which I try to come up with Islamic solutions for various problems in life. What good this blog contains is evidently by the Grace of ALLAH SUBHANAHU wa TA’ALA (GLORIFIED and EXALTED be HE), and whatever mistakes exist, are mine and I seek ALLAH’s (AZZA Wa JALL) forgiveness for such shortcomings. If any of the viewers find any mistakes by the help of ALLAH SUBHANAHU wa TA’ALA, please communicate with me in that regard.

As far as the viewers are concerned, this blog welcomes all. You could be an already born Muslim who hasn’t discovered this aspect of Islam (i.e. related to solving problems in life) yet, or you could be a person intending to learn more about Islam, or I could have readers coming across this blog for the first time by no intention to end up visiting it. So, whosoever you are, you’ll be welcomed here. In Shaa ALLAH! Please feel free to navigate and don’t forget to give me your valuable feedback.

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