let the urge to know the truth


On a verge to find the best in life

Efforts are put to struggle and strive


For some it’s money, for others beauty and fame

Yet the acquisition of such doesn’t take away a pain


The pain one feels when being able to see

Yet not seeing what was meant to be seen


Somewhere inside the truth tries to rise above

Thoughts on gaining material things and their love


Come, let it find its way and make us find

The reason to live, for long left behind



Food for Thought:

The truth is there, always available to be searched for. Yet, the worst tyranny man can impose on himself is to shut his eyes tight, bury his head underground, hence not wanting to look out for it. 60, 80, or even 100 years of life on this Earth spent just to run after fame, beauty, wealth and the like was never the purpose in the first place. Because if it was, those who had managed to acquire such pseudo valuables, would have stood tall to claim how they knew the secret to a happy life full of contentment.  So, there’s still something more out there without knowing which you could claim to exist, but not live! Yes, you got me right. Just look a little further and deeper than earlier with your mind switched to contemplation mode and think if you really want to live life as your creation demands you to. Find out what you were created to do. Oh and yes, when there’s a creation, there surely exists a Creator!