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Shattered, battered and injured she was

Wondered if life was granted for a cause


Why in life did people face troubles?

She started thinking why there came hurdles


Provoked her thoughts thus a desire to strive

To find a pearl, she knew she had to dive


This was when she decided not to avoid

A question kept unanswered long by choice



The thought of being created occupied her mind

What lacked ever was sheer motivation to find


As soon as she put all shackles aside

It became possible for her to readily decide


Soon she knew she craved to know more

Her CREATOR without WHOM her heart was sore


Her journey didn’t end, but it actually began

The moment she became a Muslim again


Food for Thought:

What does someone lose when living, yet doesn’t know why he/she is living? Well, all of us know very well what happens when one is sitting for an exam unprepared. When that happens, nothing but chaos steps in. And chaos does find its way into our life when we avoid finding what channels it-i.e.a reason to live. Different people have found out different reasons to live for. Some set goals to be among the richest people on Earth, while others to attain fame, beauty and whatnot. But who doesn’t know how man has never been able to have peace of mind through that? You see, these are all reasons and goals set by people who even after finding and striving for them didn’t manage to get rid of the biggest question in life-i.e. WHAT AM I LIVING FOR!

After reading what came before, undoubtedly the question still remains unanswered in your mind..right? Well, go see for yourself what your CREATOR, ALLAH SUBHANAHU WA TA’ALA (ALLAH, GLORIFIED And EXALTED Be HE) says! If you have spent your life wandering about people, their standards, their philosophies, and their reasoning, and still felt shattered and hopeless, what still makes you not look for your CREATOR? It’s time you do what you’ve never done before-look for your MAKER!!