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There’s some thing I want you to understand

For you to have the strength to stand


The more you stay close to the truth

The more you’ll be able to bear fruit


What good there is for one in life

Does come for sure on an appointed time

And the tests one is subjected to

Are for him, and him alone to go through


What must be done in both the times

Is something to keep in our minds


Forget not to praise Allah in joy and bliss

And seek His help when the condition changes



Food for Thought:  Bliss and sorrow are both parts of life, reoccurring one after the other. No one on this Earth has ever been sad throughout his/her life, and no one can claim to have lived a life of eternal bliss. The key to get going is to know why both of these happen in our lives. And to answer that question, I find it apt to say just a simple thing-i.e. life is a test! Sometimes we are tested when blessed with a thing, and sometimes when a blessing is taken away. Some people tend to forget Allah when they’re blessed, while some turn away from His (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) remembrance and do fall prey to hopelessness when problems and tribulations come. The opposites of the before mentioned negative approaches can be the following:

  1. To remember and thank Allah when blessed. And with the blessing given, one tries to make good use of it only to gain the pleasure of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala).
  2. One in the times of tribulations gains hope by just the thought that The One he’s seeking help from is The Supreme.

With His (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) permission does a trial reach us, and surely by His (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) permission, it does leave us! And for sure, after many falls a child learns to walk, a steel becomes finer after going through the hottest fire, the butterfly can fly after the struggles made to come out of the cocoon, so is the case with man when afflicted with trials. So, these trials are not miseries, but blessings in disguise. And only those who recognize them as blessings, strive and struggle to go through them and become better believers than before.